Rangammal Patti Who Acted With Comedian Vadivelu Passes Away

Rangammal Patti
Rangammal Patti

Rangammal Patti passed away yesterday at her home. The 85-year-old  Rangammal Patti hails from Telugupalayam village near Annur in the Coimbatore district. Rangammal made her screen debut in 1967 in the film Vivasayi starring MGR.

Following that, she has acted in more than 500 films with many actors, including Ajith, Vijay, Vishal, Udayanithi Stalin as Shivaji Ganesan, Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth. She became famous after her dog comedy with comedian Vadivelu.

There have been no cinema opportunities for the last few years, and she fell sick with the illness due to old age. Following this, she was treated in Chennai for a month and returned to her hometown of Telugupalayam. Although she had been acting in cinema for over forty years, he did not earn much and stayed in a rented house. She was cared for by her sisters and her son.

Rangammal's poverty level dropped down. Rangammal Patti had insisted that celebrities from the film industry help the cast. She was suffering from poverty. Once, she mentioned, "There are no actors in the film industry who have not acted with me. I have made a name for myself in the film industry enough. I need a house to stay in and food to eat. Someone has to make arrangements for that."

In this situation, Rangammal died yesterday at her home in the Telugupalayam area. Rangammal's funeral is to be held at Telugupalayam. Many Tamil Celebrities are mourning the death.