Rasavathi (2024) Movie Review Starring Arjun Das And Tanya

Rasavathi Movie Review
Rasavathi Movie Review

Santhakumar's third movie, Rasavathi, featuring Arjun Das, was released in theatres today (May 10) and was receiving above-average reviews from the audiences.

Rasavathi Movie Plot:

Rasavathi, the alchemist, revolves around the characters Sadhashiva Pandian (Arjun Das), Surya (Tanya Ravichandran), and Parasu Raj (Sujith Shankar). Sadhashiva Pandian is a Siddha Doctor who lives in Kodaikanal.  Surya comes to live in Kodaikanal, and Sadhashiva and Surya fall in love and live a peaceful life until Parasu Raj, a sadist police inspector, transforms into Kodaikanal and is hell-bent making their life miserable. As the movie goes on, the movie reveals the past of the Sadhashiva and intrigues audiences with its plot.

What Is Rasavathi Mean?

Rasavathi is a person who can transform sand into gold which was believed in the ancient period. The word also refers to a person who turns things better. Considering Sadha is a Siddha Doctor, in this movie, the hero tries to make things better for the people. 

Rasavathi Movie Review:

Rasavathi is a psycho-thriller movie and its storyline impressed the audience. The movie is a slow burn which is a negative for the movie. The first half of the movie was so slow that the audience did not get to the core point of the plot until the second half. Even though the movie connects the dots in the second half,  the first half does not meet the fan's expectations. The Second half steals the heart of the audience with a flashback revealing parts.

The actors in Rasavathi have done justice to their roles. Arjun Das and Sujith Shankar's acting was a huge plus, and they gave outstanding performances as protagonists and antagonists. The audience can sense the fear whenever the villain enters the screen. 

Arjun Das in the movie plays a subtle and calm role, unlike his other roles. This dynamic side of him in this movie is portrayed well and he perfectly fits the role too. The movie gives the details of the characters through scenes, the hero's urge to save every life, and the villain's psychotic mind to kill even small animals. 

Rasavathi Movie Music:

The movie's music impressed the audience to its maximum. The flashback has a part where the scene is explained in a unique way with a musical background. The particular scene in theatres is excellent and is loved by the fans. S. Thaman in the movie used his full potential. The music in the film is different from his other works and fans also seem to notice and appreciate it.

Rasavathi Movie Cinematography:

The movie is set in Kodaikanal, and the team utilized the place well and showed the audience the beautiful side of nature in the movie. Fans, after watching the movie, expressed their love for the cinematography and how pleasant the movie was to watch.

Santhakumar has a special connection with nature, and in his movies, he portrays the human connection with nature. The movie will be must-watchable for slow-burn and psycho-movie lovers but one-time watchable for commercial movie lovers. 

Rasavathi Movie Cast And Crew:

The movie is written, directed, and produced by the critically acclaimed Santhakumar. The Movie cast includes Arjun Das, Tanya Ravichandran, Sujith Sankar, GM Sundar, Sujatha, Ramya Subramaniyan, Reshma Venkatesh, Rishikanth, Arul Jothi, and Deepa. The music for the movie is composed by Thaman.S.

Santhakumar Movies:

  • Mouna Guru (2011)
  • Magamuni (2019)

Mouna Guru:

Mounaguru is one of the best movies in police drama thriller. The movie shows the life of bad police and how they are involved in corruption is indicated in the drama. Arulnidhi's character is played as a genuinely nice guy and open type. His character fights against injustice happen in life. 

Mouna Guru Cast and Crew:

The movie features Iniya, Uma Riyaz, John Vijay, Krishnamoorthy, and Madhu Soodhanan. S. Thaman composed music for the movie. The movie was produced under Mohana Movies.


Magamuni is not a typical twin movie where they first fight each other and then join hands and oppose a common enemy. Magamuni shows the life of Magadevan, who is the right hand of a political leader rather than a taxi driver, and, Muniraj, a naive 'Vadiyar' who teaches students and unexpectedly jumps into the dilemma.

Magamuni Cast and Crew:

Arya gives his best performance as 2 different characters. The movie includes Indhuja Ravichandran, Mahima Nambiar, Kaali Venkat, Rohini, Jayaprakash, Ilavarasu, Aruldoss, Bala Singh, and G. M. Sundar. S. Thaman composed the music for the movie, which was produced by K. E. Gnanavel Raja.