Rasigargalin Rasigan Mani Explains Issue Over Leaked Videos

Rasigargalin Rasigan Mani
Rasigargalin Rasigan Mani

Rasiganin Rasigan Mani, a e social media influencer Manikandan is currently linked to a controversy regarding an adult video call with a girls. This brings a lot of spotlight the social media celebrities. He has responded to the controversy by uploading a video of himself talking and explaining the issue in detail.

The Adult Video Call Leaked: 

Social media fame, Manikanden was caught on a video call with his female fan follower where the girl was completely naked. The video call, which involved nudity, was recorded and shared on social media, attracting the attention of the public and the media.

In this situation, a news channel connected him over the issue where he said that his face was morphed in the video and it was not him. Later, he revealed he was in one of the two videos and added that he often receives calls from girls which he will reject. 

After clarifying this to the News Channel, the influencer called the press person again to demand the News Channel not post the information about him on the adult video call stating that his villagers would be shocked to hear the news.

This creates a lot of buzz against his fans and the public, some fans are supporting him and some are not ready to support him until they have a clear view on the news. On the other hand many are still unaware of who he is.

Rasiganin Rasigan Mani:

Manikandan, social media influencer gained popularity by doing reels and short videos on his own social media page. In this case, he was invited by many colleges as a special guest among others. He has a huge number of teen girls fans and female followers for his reels and shorts video where he replicates the movie scenes.

These days, it's a trend to invite social media celebrities to college cultural events. In this particular case, a social media celebrity was invited to a college function where a large group of his followers were present. The video from the event went viral on social media, bringing him even more attention.

Rasiganin Rasigan Mnai Clarification Video:

Recently, the news of Rasigan Rasigan in an adult video call with a fan went viral and this brings him hate from the common public and media.

He clarified this controversy in his own YouTube channel video, stating the News Channels are manipulated the issue and falsely accuses him of the matter. He started the video saying that he already worked in news channels so he knew how those channels work. 

Manikanden continued confirming that he was in fact in the first half of the video and the rest of the video was morphed with his image and added that he receives a lot of calls like this. The YouTuber mentions that smiling in the video was his only fault other than that there is nothing he is accused of.

Rasaganin Rasigan Mani in this video also accuses some YouTubers and News Channels people of milking content from the issue and adds that the people are just jealous of his success. He further continues and details saying racism is the only reason for the negative reaction he is getting. He frequently addresses that some people can not accept the fact a dark-skinned Villager gaining more fame than others.

He mentions that he will not attend the College functions until he achieves something in his field. He tries to state that the college cultural function is about fun and attending the college function as a guest is not a crime for him to do. 

The clarification video convinces some of his fans and the public, while others remain unconvinced after learning about the adult content the social media celebrity shared with fans.