Retta Thala Updates: Is Arun Vijay a Hero or Villain?

Retta Thala Movie Poster
Retta Thala Movie Poster

Arun Vijay's upcoming movie update was released on April 23 by the movie team. The Movie is written and directed by Kris Thirukumaran and Movie is titled 'Retta Thala'

Retta Thala Poster:

Arun Vijay's 36th Film is said to be an action thriller movie. The movie features actor Arun Vijay in two different roles, as suggested by the title "Retta Thala", which means "two heads". The movie poster depicts a dark background with one calm and the other angry Arun Vijay. Kris Thirukumaran is well-known for his work in the movie Maan Karate with Siva Karthikeyan. 

Retta Thala Movie Cast:

Arun Vijay and Siddhi Idnani, who gained fame through the movie Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu, along with Tanya Ravichandran and Kannada actor Yogesh, will also be part of the cast of the upcoming movie Retta Thala. Sam CS composed the music for the movie.

Arun Vijay Thriller Movie Success:

Arun Vijay amuses the audience with his thriller movie choices. His thriller movies are welcomed and loved by the viewers. The Movie Thadam 2019 where he plays dual roles, and Movie Kuttram 23 (2017) received positive reviews from the audience and was a commercial success. In this case, the expectation for the action thriller movie is uplifted.

The Movie Retta release date is yet to be announced by the Movie team. The first look intrigued the audience and excited for the movie to release.