Riyan Parag Search History List Sara Ali Khan And Ananya Pandey

Riyan Parag Controversy
Riyan Parag Controversy

Riyan Parag, an Indian Cricketer got up in a controversy as his YouTube search leaked through his social media live. The situation brought an outraged reaction from the public and some people consider this situation as funny and trolling him on social media.

Who is Riyan Parag?

Riyan Parag Das is a young Indian Cricketer aged 22 and he plays as the Captain of Assam in domestic cricket. Riyan game for Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which attracted and gained lot of attention from the cricket fans. He was also a part of the Indian Under-19 group that won the 2018 Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

In this IPL match, Rajasthan Royals cricketer Riyan Parag shined brightly on the field showcasing his talent to the fans and the public. He is one of the cricketers who stole attention from the audiences in this IPL season.

Riyan Parag Youtube Live And Leak:

Riyan Parag was live-streaming one of his gaming sessions yesterday on his social media; in it, he appeared in a casual Indian look with a vest and continued his life. A few minutes after the live, due to a copyright issue for music to play in his stream, he looked for copyright-free music and ended up opening YouTube. 

Forgetting to stop sharing the screen or deleting his YouTube search history, the cricketer Riyan Parag showed his search history to the fans. Shocked by seeing his YouTube search history, fans in the live took screenshots which went viral on social media. 

In this search history, viewers noticed clearly some of his searches like,

  • Sara Ali Khan Hot
  • Louis Vuitton City of the Stars
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Virat Kohli 
  • Ananya Pandey Hot

Riyan Parag's search history went viral after the mention of two Bollywood actresses mentioned in it as hot. This screen record went viral on social media and is trending with tags Sarah Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey. 

Public Reaction To The Controversy:

The Public gave mixed reactions to the YouTube search history screenshots and some spread hatred towards the cricketer for searching inappropriate things on YouTube.

Fans blame the media and YouTubers for milking content over the issue and support him by stating it was not a huge crime to search for this type of content as it is normal among people at that age. They back him up by adding that people will always look for it online, and it was their private search. Just because Riyan's search history got leaked does not mean he is a bad person.

Some people are not happy with the Cricketer activities and say that being a celebrity comes with a responsibility, so he could have done better than that. They added that he should have reviewed the phone before his live and given his followers a decent stream. 

These two types of people fight on social media with each other by accusing and supporting the Cricketer Riyan Parag, some people make fun of the situation and lightly tweet about the issue.

Indian Cricketer Riyan Parag does not respond to any of the controversies created on social media over the issue.