Robo Shankar Fined Lakhs For Keeping Alexandrine parakeet At Home

Robo Shankar
Robo Shankar

After learning that Robo Shankar was illegally rearing Alexandrine parakeet at the actor Robo Shankar's house, the forest department confiscated it and imposed a fine.

Robo Shankar, who started his journey as a mimicry artist on screen, is currently acting as a supporting actor in many films. He is well known among the Tamil audience, and now his entire family is busy with shoots now. 

His house is located in the Valasaravakkam area of Chennai. Recently his house tour with Pugazh and Bala went viral on social media. When the viewers enjoyed the house tour, the video went to the sight of foresters as well.

After learning that Robo Shankar was illegally rearing Alexandrine parakeet at his house, the forest department officials conducted a raid last week and seized the parrots. As Robo Shankar and his family were abroad then, the forest department officials said an investigation would be conducted when they returned to India.

According to this, the forest department officials investigated Robo Shankar, who recently returned to Chennai, regarding this issue. At that time, Robo Shankar said he did not know that keeping such foreign parrots at home was illegal. However, the Tamil Nadu Wildlife Crime Control Bureau have fined Robo Shankar Rs.2.5 lakhs as it is prohibited under the law.

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