Rocketry The Nambi Effect Full Movie By Madhavan Review

Rocketry The Nambi Effect
Rocketry The Nambi Effect

Rocketry The Nambi  Effect, written and directed by Madhavan, is released in theatres today. It is a biographical movie about Nambi Narayanan, an ISRO Scientist. Without a doubt, it is a must-watch family movie, which will benefit the children's knowledge of ISRO and Aerospace.

Rocketry The Nambi  Effect is a biographical drama of an ISRO Scientist who was falsely accused of espionage and fought for years on end for justice. Director Madhavan has clearly depicted the horribleness that turned Nambi Narayanan into a traitor and imprisoned him and the price paid by the nation to a scientist who invented the 'Vikas' engine for space development in our Indian nation.

Nambi Narayanan (Madhavan) works at ISRO, accepting the request of his guru Vikram Sarabhai to be hired by NASA for a big salary. His work is seen as immense when India is keen to achieve astounding growth in space research. At a time when rockets were being launched using solid fuels, the scientist who proved that the rocket could be flown farther with liquid fuel, at one point also invented the Vikas engine for India. 

As the country has to celebrate him, he is arrested in a treason case, and the story of the Rocketry film is how he overcame his self-struggle. Young Nambi is on the screen instead of Madhavan in the scenes where he takes his team of scientists to France in an environment where he has to make a rocket engine at a low cost and learns the rocket engine technology without the knowledge of the people there.

There are many goosebumps scenes in this movie Rocketry The Nambi  Effect. In the climax, Nambi Narayanan tells the story of his entire life through Suriya's interview. The place where Surya speaks after listening to Nambi Narayan's story and kneels before him and says I apologize to you on behalf of the nation of India. This scene will definitely create a goosebump for the Indians.

When it comes to the positives of the film, the main light should be highlighted in the direction and screenplay of actor Madhavan Rocketry: The Nambi  Effect. The performance of Madham and Simran has come out well. There are many characters in the movie Rocketry The Nambi  Effect, and all have done justice to their part. Although Suriya has made a cameo appearance for 8 minutes, in the end, his role has nailed the screen space.

The dialogues are well written with mature thoughts. It can be understood that actor R. Madhavan has done deep background research to make this film more lively. However, the film exceeds 2 hours, and there seems to be no lag or boredom. There will be many technical terms in the film which will be hard to understand by the non-engineer students.

Regarding negatives in the movie, only lip-sync errors can be noticed. The movie casts R. Madhavan, Simran, Rajit Kapur, Ravi Raghavendra, Muralidaran, Misha Ghoshal, Shyam Renganathan, Karthik Kumar, Gulshan Grover, Dinesh Prabhakar, Mohan Raman and many other English actors. Watch Rocketry The Nambi  Effect full movie in theatres from today. Since there is no adult content, it can be enjoyed with family.

Rocketry The Nambi  Effect Full Movie By Madhavan Review