Rolling Stone Released The Article Featuring Arivu And His Achievement

Rolling Stone Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone, one of the international music magazines, caused a huge controversy when only the photos of singer Dhee and Shan Vincent de Paul were released on the cover of the August Indian edition of Rolling Stone, praising the album song 'Enjoy Enjaami'' and the song 'Nee Oli' song from Neeye Oli song from sarpatta Parambarai.

But the songwriter of these two songs was the Rapper Arivu, who gained his fame in the song Enchai Enjamisinging parallel to Dhee. He was not considered in the cover image in the rolling stone magazine. Arivu was not exposed by the song 'Enjoy Enjaami' as Dhee did, but his voice was still well reached.

Famous director Pa. Ranjith had said on his Twitter page that he did not understand why the Arivu photo was not featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Director Pa. Ranjith had once again claimed that his identity would be hidden once again during every performance of the song 'Enjoy Enjaami'.

Following this, many voiced their support for Arivu, and  Rolling Stone put an end to this controversy. Rolling Stone published an article fot the month of August with a photo of Arivu and his achievements. Rolling Stone has also posted this on its official Twitter page. Following this, many people have expressed their love and support for Tamil rapper Arivu.

Arivu is a fantastic rapper, lyricist and playback singer who is well known by Tamil fans. He sings in different genres like Oppari (Lamenting),  Gaana, Hip hop, and Folk music. He is best known for the song "Vaathi Raid" from Master (2021) and for his single song "Enjoy Enjaami" ft. Dhee gathered worldwide attention with a massive hit.