Sabari (2024) Movie Review Starring Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Sabari Movie Review
Sabari Movie Review

Sabari is a female-centric movie that was released on May 3. The psychological thriller released is getting mixed reviews from the audiences.

Sabari Movie Story:

In this movie, Varalaxmi (Sanjana) plays the role of a single mother and the movie examines the struggles of the ungraduated single mother and gives a brief about dysfunctional marriage. She gets help from her friend Rahul.

Varalaxmi fights for her daughter Riya against all the odds. After knowing the shocking fact about Riya, Sanjana's life turned upside down. She does her best to keep her daughter safe. Will Sanjana be able to keep her daughter against all the odds?

Sabari Movie A Psychological Thriller:

The Antagonist of the movie Mime Gopi plays an important role in the movie and he does justice to his character. He escaped from the Mental Asylum and believed his daughter was swapped. Then, he starts to trouble Sanjana and her daughter. Sanjana is a strong woman who tries to protect Riya at all costs.

The Psychological concept in the movie does not intrigue the audience. The audience expected more from the movie after the trailer release but the movie failed to satisfy the fans as it was the same psychological concept that audiences had already experienced in various movies.

Sabari Movie Positives:

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar chose to do the character-oriented films. The Heroine has done both positive and negative roles and secured a place in the heart of the audience with her acting skills. 

In this case, Varalaxmi as a heroine portrayed her character well and will definitely get applause for her acting skills. The movie shows the audience the depth of each character and it was well-established. The interval block in the Sabari was a huge plus as it raised curiosity for the next half.

Sabari Movie Negatives:

The film with the best class acting lost in the plot development area. Even though the first half sets the way for success, the second half of the movie is boring to the audience and Movie is easy to predict the upcoming scenes.

The movie fails to provide the audience with the thrill elements. The Climax part of the movie plays an essential role in the movie's success but the movie Sabari makes a mess in the climax which turns out to be a huge failure on the part of the Sabari movie team. Adding to this, the music and BGM score did not reach the expectations of the fans.

Sabari (2007):

There was already a movie titled Sabari that was released in 2007. The Tamil movie Sabari stars Captain Vijayakanth as the lead. There are no connections between the movies other than the shared title. 

Sabari Movie Cast And Crew:

The movie starring Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Ganesh Venkatraman, Shashank, Mime Gopi, Sunaina, Baby Krithika, Rajashri Nair, Bhadram, Phani, Krishna Teja, Prabhu, Archana Ananth, and Keshav Deepak. 

The movie Sabari was directed by Anil Katz and produced by Mahendra Nath Kondla. The Music was composed by Gopi Sundar and the cinematography for Sabari was done by  Rahul Shrivatsav and Nani Chamidisetty.

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