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Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire Full Movie Stars Prabhas And Prithviraj Review

Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire Review

Salaar, directed by Prashant Neil, has hit the theatres today and is receiving a blockbuster review worldwide. The movie has fulfilled the expectations of the Telugu audience.

 Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire Movie Story:

In the urban centre of Khansaar, Raja Mannar intends to designate his son, Vardharaja Mannar, as his heir. However, Raja Mannar's ministers and advisors conspire to stage a coup, hiring armies from Russia and Serbia to assail Vardharaja and the city. Vardharaja successfully evades Khansaar and encounters his childhood friend, Deva, who, upon discovering the plot, embarks on a mission to establish Vardharaja as the unquestionable successor of Khansaar.

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire Movie Review:

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire movie has a good screenplay like KGF and has fulfilled the fan's expectations. The plot is intresting, making the viewers sit at the edge of the seat. The music is roaring in theatres. The fight scenes are the key positive of the film. All the characters in the film have given their 100%  in their acting. This movie will be a good comeback for Prabhas after facing failures in his recent movies.

Like the other movies directed by Prashant Neel's film Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire movie has high expectations among people. Prashant Neel became a highly anticipated director after the films KGF 1 and 2, starring actor Yash. 

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire Movie Cast:

Salaar movie stars Prabhas, Prithviraj, Shruti Haasan, Bobby Samha and Sriya Reddy. Salar Part 1 Cheesefire is made in Telugu and dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Watch the movie Salaar in theatres with family and friends.