Salman Khan House Firing: Anuj Thapan Suicide Raises Suspicions

Salman Khan House Firing Case
Salman Khan House Firing Case

Salman Khan's firing incident on April 14 stirred up a major discussion among the fans. Anuj Thapan, one of the accused arrested in this case on April 26 in the Punjab committed suicide and died today. 

Salman Khan House Firing:

Salman Khan is a successful Bollywood star whose house was recently attacked by two persons. Around 4 am - 5 am, two unidentified men fired Salman Khan's Bandra house on April 14. 

Shocked by the incident, the star informed the tragic incident to police. Later with the help of a CCTV Camera, the police identified the two shooters as Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal from Bihar. 

The Two Shooters Arrested:

The accused stayed in Mumbai for a month rented a house and bought a second-hand bike to commit the crime. 

The police after finding the criminal's bike, investigated its first owner and found out the accused bought the bike using his original Aadhar Card ID which was a huge help for the police in spotting the criminal. The police tracked their locations using the number given in their Aadhar card ID.

The accused after abandoning the bike in Mumbai left for Bhuj in Gujarat. The two shooters settled in Bhuj Temple to escape from the police. The police disguised as devotees to nap the accused without disturbing the public and devotees.

When the disguised police confirmed the presence of the accused who were sleeping in the Temple. The Police arrested them on April 15. 

Bishnoi Gang Is Behind The Crime:

Lawrence Bishnoi is an Indian gangster who commits shady crimes. Bishnoi gang mentioned that Salman Khan was at the top of their list to be killed. So, the actor was already in Y+ production when the attack happened.

Anmol Bishnoi, brother of Lawerence Bishnoi wrote on Facebook in Hindi, warning the actor, mentioning, "We want peace. If the decision against oppression is by war. If the decision against oppression is by war, so be it. Salman Khan, we did this to show you the trailer. So that you understand our capabilities. Don't test us. This is the first and last warning" 

And adds “Salman Khan, do not take us lightly. This firing incident was just a trailer, so that you understand our strength. This is the first and last warning. After this, the firing will happen at your home,”.

Salman Khan Blackbuck Deer Case (1998):

The Blackbuck deer is an endangered species and the government ordered the hunters not to hunt the deer. The Bishnoi community people associate the deer with their culture and tradition. The people respect the species. 

Meanwhile, Salman Khan during a movie shooting hunted a deer. This gesture was seen as massive disrespect to the deer as well as their community.

The Bishnoi community was triggered by this incident and turned against Salman Khan. Even though many years passed, the Bishnoi gang still holds a grudge against the actor and sends shooters to Salman's house in 2024.

Maharashtra CM Visit:

After the tragic incident Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, visited Salman Khan's house to assure the actor the government stood by his side. He also empathizes with the actor by stating no one should live subjected to threats of violence.  

He reassures the actor that the accused will be questioned and those involved in the case will not be spared, as no one should be. The Chief Minister said to the press, "No gang or gang war will be allowed. We won't allow this to happen. We will finish (Lawrence) Bishnoi,".  

The security for Salman was tightened after the incident happened and the actor is advised not to leave the house until it's necessary.

The Arrest Of Anuj Thapan:

After the Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal, the police collected more information about the Salman Khan house firing crime. Following the investigations, the police found the involvement of Sonu Subhash Chander and Anuj Thapan who supplied the gun to the accused who fired Salman Khan's house. The Punjab police found the gun suppliers and arrested them on April 26. 

Anuj Thapan 32, who was sent to jail stayed with 10 other prisoners and was guarded by police officers. In this situation, he took his life by committing suicide. It said that Anuj went to the lock-up toilet and hung himself with his bedsheet to attempt suicide. After finding the unfortunate situation, the police rushed him to the state-run GT hospital and doctors announced him as dead.

Anuj Thapan Death Conspiracies:

This stirred up a lot of conspiracy and questions raised around the police and the public as there are doubts about this death.

Some rumors were circulating around the case regarding the involvement of a high-profile police officer and the Bishnoi gang in the suicide of Anuj Thapan. 

The death of Anuj Thapan's suicide created suspicions as his brother Abhishek blamed the police for killing his brother Anuj Thapan. The reason for his death is unknown and police assured further investigation into Anuj Thapan's death.