Salman Khan House Firing: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde Visit Khan

Maharashtra CM Visit Salman Khan
Maharashtra CM Visit Salman Khan

Mumbai police, with the help of Gujarat Police, arrested the two shooters of Salman Khan's house. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde, visited Salman Khan's house. The Police tightened the security due to the arrival of the Chief Minister.

The actor welcomed the Chief Minister by the door and invited him to the house, and Eknath assured Salman Khan that the Government was on the actor's side. He ensures the actor that the accused will be questioned and those involved in the case will not be spared, as no one should be subjected to threats of violence. 

The Chief Minister said to the press, "No gang or gang war will be allowed. We won't allow this to happen. We will finish (Lawrence) Bishnoi,".  

Salman Khan's Blackbuck case:

Bishnoi gang's hatred towards Salman Khan started with the involvement of Salman Khan's Blackbuck case in 1998. The Gang seemed to hold a grudge against him, which now ended in the firing of Salman Khan's house.

Accused of House Firing:

After firing Salman Khan's House, the accused fled to Mata No Madh temple in Bhuj in Gujarat, where Sagar Pal (23) and Vicky Gupta (24) were caught by the Police.

The accused, Anmol Bishnoi, is suspected to be in Canada or the US  by the Police. The blamed was in contact with Anmol Bishnoi, Brother of the Gangster Lawerence Bishnoi and they used the money provided by Anmol for their stay in Mumbai.

Police As Devotees:

The Police suspected the accused in the Bhuj Temple as one among the common people. The Police disguised as devotees and entered the Temple. Mumbai Police, with the help of local Police, spotted the shooters sleeping in the corner of the Bhuj Temple.

The accused were brought to the Court on April 16, and the court granted the police permission to hold them in custody until April 25th.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde Visit:

The accused involved in the firing mentioned during the interrogation that they got rid of the gun and mobile phone in the river of Gujarat. Police sent a search team to look for them.

The Police and Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde have shown interest in apprehending members of the Bishnoi gang as soon as possible.