Salman Khan House Firing: Who Fired The Bullets? Case In Detail

Salman Khan House Firing
Salman Khan House Firing

Salman Khan's house was attacked by the two unidentified shooters around 4-5 am. Both the accused used helmets, and police suspect that the bike they used must be a stolen bike as they abandoned it near Mount Mary.

Salman Khan was one of the most successful actors in the Bollywood film industry. His house was fired by Bishnoi gang creating buzz around the Bollywood and shocked the fans of the actor.

Salman Khan's House fired 

Around 4-5 am, the actor Salman Khan's house was fired with four to five bullets. Shocked by the incident, Salman reported the same to the police, and immediately, the forensic team arrived, and the bullet shells and a bullet were found. The CCTV camera revealed the person, who is suspected to be Vishal, who is associated with the Bishnoi gang member Rohit Godara.

Last year, the NIA (National Investigation Agency) of the Government of India informed and warned the Bollywood star as he was on the list of top important targets to be killed. So, Salman Khan was already in Y+ protection. After the fireshot, Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde assured the actor would get support from both the police and the Government.

Who are Bishnoi Gang? 

Lawrence Bhisnoi is an Indian gangster. Bishnoi gang mentioned that Salman Khan was at the top of their list to be killed. This all started from the day Salman killed the deer in 1998. The Bishnoi gang's community believes that deer hold an important place in their community. Offended by that, the Bishonai gang holds a grudge against him.

Bishnoi Gang Threat

Lawrence Bishnoi group member Anmol Bishnoi, brother of Lawerence Bishnoi wrote on Facebook in Hindi, warning the actor, mentioning, "We want peace. If the decision against oppression is by war. If the decision against oppression is by war, so be it. Salman Khan, we did this to show you the trailer. So that you understand our capabilities. Don't test us. This is the first and last warning" 

And adds “Salman Khan, do not take us lightly. This firing incident was just a trailer, so that you understand our strength. This is the first and last warning. After this, the firing will happen at your home,”.

The police sent a Lookout Circular (LOC) to find an Indian student who had sent a threatening email to Salman Khan. Now Salman Khan and his family members are under surveillance by police, and the case was transferred to the crime branch.