Serial Actor Marimuthu Reply To 18 plus Account On Twitter

Actor Marimuthu
Actor Marimuthu

A Twitter post posted in the name of popular character actor Marimuthu, who has been acting in films and serials, has caused a stir on social media.

Marimuthu came with the dream of becoming a director in Tamil cinema, but he didn't get much recognization in directing field. He has acted in various hit films like Jeeva, Pariyerum Perumal, and Komban and is currently showing in Tamil serials.

He was well-received in Tamil serials, and his reach was good. Marimuthu, who is becoming such a popular actor, is now embroiled in a controversy. Accordingly, from an 18+ account on Twitter, a photo of a half-dressed woman was posted with the caption, "Can I call you". In it, Marimmuthu has replied by sending a mobile number.

His Twitter account is now disabled. It is not sure whether he has replied, or his account is misused.