Shivani being questioned by her co-housemates :Today's Promo OCT 6th

Shivani being questioned by her co-housemates.
Shivani being questioned by her co-housemates.

Yesterday's task was a real bummer. Bigg boss asked contestants to give a heart symbol and heartbroken symbol to their favorite and unfavorite, respectively. Many of the contestants received real bitterness during the task.

Rekha was alleged for ordering and rudely dominating others. Sanam is also claimed as being fake and real game player. Shivani received the most number of heartbroken symbol for making herself separate from others. Sanam Shetty stated a brawl between Shivani and Samyuktha as a reason for her heartbreak.

Today's Promo airs Shivani's reaction towards the numerous heartbreak ink on her hands. She is feeling down, Bala and Som Shekar are cheering her up, mentioning her huge fanbase on Instagram. Som asked her to be joyful; otherwise, what her Instagram fans would think of her.

When discussing it with Aari Arjuna, she is reasoning herself for being real and doing what she opts for. As a reply, Aari questions her why she has been uploading videos and pictures on Instagram every day?. Shivani didn't seem like having an answer for the confrontation.