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Shivin Leaves Bigg Boss With Cash Box? Fans Disappointed?

Bigg Boss Season 6

Bigg Boss Season 6 has successfully completed 100 days with many intresting contents. In this season, 6 contestants namely Azeem, Vikraman, Amudavanan, Maina, Shivin and Kathiravan qualified for the finals. In this, Katiravan left after taking the money bag sent by Bigg Boss a few days ago, so now only 5 contestants are left.

Usually, a cash box will be sent and the money will be increasing. But this time the money bag was sent. The first time in Bigg Boss 6 money is sent for the second time in the box. The amount is increasing which can be seen in the promo.

Vikraman and Azeem have categorically declared that they will not take this money box. Among the remaining 3 people, Amudavanan and Maina said that if it goes beyond Rs.20 lakh, they will try to take the money box. Similarly, Shivin had said that she would think if it goes above 10 lakhs.

According to the information available now, it is reported that Shivin left after taking the money box. It is said that there was an amount of more than Rs.10 lakh in the cash box and she took it and left. It is likely to air in today's episode.