Silence Tamil Movie review : Did not match expectations

Anuska as speech impaired in Silence
Anuska as speech impaired in Silence

Silence movie is streaming on Amazon Prime now October 2. Watching the film gives a feeling that the real hero of it is Shaneil Deo, the cinematographer. Though being one of the best actors in India, Madhavan's character does not allow him to show much of his acting skills in Silence. The same is the case for other characters also. The much-expected film does not satisfy the audience due to the poor screenplay by Kota Venkat and the inexperienced directorship of Hemant Madhukar.

Shaniel Deo, the real hero of Nishabdam 

Shaniel Deo brings Seattle at its best in the film and makes each shot enjoyable with his camera work. The story is about Madhavan and his fiance Anushka Shetty staying briefly in a haunted house during 2019. In 1972 a young couple was mysteriously murdered in the house, and the case is still pending. Madhavan also gets killed in the house, and Anushka flees from there.

The setting is excellent, but the director fails to capitalize on it, and the movie is more about flashbacks than the current happenings. The Tamil version looks more of a dubbed movie with Kota Venkat dialogues not suiting Tamil or Malayalam. Also, being the movie producer, Kota Venkat can stick to his earlier hit movies like Ready and Happy. As far as the director Hemant Madhukar is concerned, better luck for the next film. 

Nishabdam fails to answer many questions

Why is the film set in Seattle for a story that could have happened anywhere?.  Why is Anushka Shetty's character to be speech impaired when there is a translator all the time in the movie?.  Why Madhavan is well known for his acting skills and for picking the right films lately like Vikram Vedha and Irudhi Sutru, accept this film?. Why Micheal Madson for a police character to investigate the crime which the audience easily guess it? And many more without answers.  

Overall, Nishabdam is not the one the audience has been waiting for so long. Nishabdam scored 2.0/5 from the Newsbricks movie rating.