Sindhubaadh Movie Delay? What is Happening Behind the Scenes of the Release

Sindhubaadh Movie Delay
Sindhubaadh Movie Delay

SN Rajarajan, the owner of K production house which is producing the film Sindhubaadh is being sued by Arka media works for unpaid bills of 17.06 crores. Arka media works were the producer of the blockbuster duology Bahubali and the K production house acquired the rights to distribute the second film Bahubali the conclusion in Tamilnadu for an amount of 28 crores.

Rajarajan is said to have only paid 12.5 crores and made an arrangement with Shobu Yarlagadda of Arka media works to have the 17.06 crores as a loan which he promised to repay after the profits came in. When the repayment was denied by SN Rajarajan, Arka media works reached the court asking them to intervene on the matter. The stay on the release with reference to the petition filed by Arka media works, the High Court of Telangana has put a stay order on the release of Sindhubaadh along with Enai Noki Paayum Thota, a film which has already been delayed for three years due to conflicts between Gautam Vasudev Menon and actor Dhanush.

Arka's press release.

Despite the court orders, the producer is making arrangements to release the film on Friday. Seeing the arrangements being made for the release of the film, Arka media works has issued a press release warning that releasing Sindhubaadh or ENPT in any language or medium would be in direct contempt of the court orders and in the event of the release of the film, they are liable to any actions that follow from the court.

The order coming two days before the release of the film has caused the film crew to be worried but hopeful. The director of the film SU Arun Kumar said that he believes that the film will release on the scheduled date and hopes this conflict will be resolved in time.