Singer Suchitra Controversy: Court favors Ex-husband Karthik

Suchitra Controversies
Suchitra Controversies

Actor and Standup comedian Karthik Kumar filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Suchitra in mid-May. The court heard the case and issued a restraining order, prohibiting singer Suchitra from talking bad about Karthik Kumar for a period of time.

Case Against Singer Suchitra:

On May 16th, Karthik Kumar's legal team sent a legal notice to the singer Suchitra and the YouTube channels that hosted the interview. The notice stated that the statements made by Suchitra and published by these YouTube channels alleging that Karthik Kumar is gay are completely defamatory, and it demanded the immediate termination of the channels.

The Madras High court hearing the case stated that singer Suchitra imposed a temporary ban on Suchitra from talking about Karthik Kumar and the court also adjourned the next phase of hearing in the case to July.

Suchitra Interview: 

Suchitra, a playback singer recently stirred a talk in an interview as she claims and commented on the life of popular celebrities of the Tamil cinema industry and her ex-husband. 

A few weeks ago, singer Suchitra in an interview denied the allegations on famous Suchileaks that happened in 2017. Suchileaks was a major trend on social media where it showcased intimate and private pictures of  Karthik Kumar, Dhanush, Trisha, Andrea, and others. 

Suchitra On Suchileaks:

Suchitra continues to accuse actors involved in the Suchileaks as they were the ones who leaked the pictures in the name of a prank. Suchitra adds that she turned into the scapegoat of the prank which ruined her career. Suchitra states her opinions on the personal life of Dhanush and his wife Aishwarya Rajinikanth.

We can notice Suchitra has a clear hatred against Dhanush, Karthik Kumar, and Bayilvan Ranganathan which is seen throughout the interview. Following the interview, she did a few interviews where blamed Trisha as a party animal and Vijay as a pretentious person creating a lot of buzz on social media. 

Suchitra Accuses On Karthik And Dhanush:

In an interview, singer Suchitra accuses his ex-husband Karthik Kumar as gay but instead of accepting himself, he married her and lived a closet life. She further claims that Karthik had an affair with actor Dhanush which brought up a lot of conspiracies and rumors around Karthik Kumar.

Actor Karthik Kumar Reply To Suchitra:

After the interview went viral, Karthik Kumar posted a video story on his social media page stating if he was gay, he would proudly accept himself and openly be a gay person and not be a closet person. He adds that he will join the pride rally whether he is a homosexual person or not.

Even after he clarified the situation, many people accused him of mistreating his ex-wife and posted hateful comments on his social media pages. In response to the hateful comments, the actor and stand-up comedian decided to take legal action and filed a defamation case against his ex-wife, Suchitra.

The Actor's Reaction To The Suchitra Interview:

Suchitra's interview went viral, sparking a social media war among the fans. Movie lovers are divided, with some supporting the actors and others expressing pity for Suchitra. Some fans have started to believe that there is a dark side to the cinema industry. 

Other than Suchitra's ex-husband Karthik Kumar's clarification video, no other celebrities have commented on the issue to clarify the accusations of being a closet homosexual, drug use, and double dating culture.