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Singer Suchitra Says Ex-Husband Karthik is Gay, Accuses Dhanush

Singer Suchitra

Suchitra Ramadurai is now trending on social media after she tried to clear the allegations about the Suchileaks. It creates further tensions among the fans as she says her husband is a closet gay man. 

Who is Suchitra Ramadurai?  

Suchitra Ramadurai is an Indian radio jockey, popular playback singer, songwriter, composer, voice artist, dubbing artist, and film actress. She was married to the actor Karthik Kumar, who was well known for his role in Yaradi Ni Mohini as Dhanush's friend. She divorced her husband, Karthik Kumar, in 2017.

Karthik Kumar is an Indian actor and standup comedian. He was debuted in the Alaipayuthey (2000) movie. He played a supporting role in the movie Yaaradi Nee Mohini (2008), in which he worked with Dhanush.

What is Suchileaks? Dhanush, Anirudh, Andrea Jeremiah, and Trisha Controversy?

Suchileaks was a trend and controversial content that circled in 2017 among the Tamil film industry. Suchileaks shows the explicit pictures and videos allegedly involving famous Tamil celebrities Dhanush, Anirudh, Andrea Jeremiah, and Trisha surfaced on her Twitter account, which gained global attention. Suchitra accuses Dhanush and Karthik (ex-husband) is behind the Suchileaks video which gained fame in 2017. She mentioned that the video leak was a huge prank from Dhanush and Karthik, jeopardizing her career.

She adds that she was not the reason for the video leak and accused people of hacking her phone and leaking the video through her phone. After so many years, she is trying to clarify the claims because of Bayilvan Ranganathan's constant accusations against her.

Suchitra On Dhanush And Aishwarya Relationship:

Suchitra also mentioned Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajinikanth's relationship in the interview. She states that Aishwarya is a double standard person for calling Dhanush a cheater and adds that Aishwarya and Dhanush constantly cheat on each other and even invite their flings to wine and dine in their partner's presence.

Suchitra said Dhanush is better than Aishwarya when it comes to parenting quote, "She was a bad mom, he was a better dad". When the interview presses on the subject she states it is better for the children to stay with their grandparents than to be with Dhanush or Aishwarya.

Suchitra On Dhanush And Karthik Relationship:

Suchitra shared details about her unhappy married life. She mentioned that she had asked for a divorce just after the first year of her marriage. It was revealed to her after 10-11 years of marriage that her husband, Karthik, was gay, according to Sujithra's statement. Suchitra also claimed that her husband had cheated on her with Dhanush, as they spent a lot of time together in the same room.

Suchitra On Bayilvan Ranganathan:

Suchitra's accusation of Bayilvan Ranganathan

  • Porn Recruiter
  • Controversy Talks About Actress

Bayilvan Ranganathan is a Tamil actor who acted as a villain and comedian in the industry. Bayilvan's recent behavior is to speak negatively about actresses and sexually describe them for their dressing choices. He is the one who constantly mentions Suchitra in the interviews which triggered her to do the interview. 

Suchitra addresses this issue in an interview and sheds light on the importance of calling out such behavior and working towards creating a more respectful and inclusive environment in the entertainment industry. Sucihtra also suspects Dhanush and Karthik may have paid Bayilvan to speak badly about her.

Singer Sucihtra states that Bayilvan worked as a porn recruiter who brought people to the porn industry. After porn shooting was banned in the studio with the help of actor Sarath Kumar and others, the jobless Bayilvan turned into an actor and clung to his co-actors for months. 

Later, not getting enough roles, Bayilvan ends up speaking badly about people to gain popularity. Suchitra also blames the YouTubers who interview him and turn him into a sensation for no reason and also accuses his supporters of being as cruel as him.

Suchitra Hatred Towards Karthik, Bayilvan And Dhanush:

Suchitra opens up about her hatred towards Karthik, Bayilvan, and Dhanush. She further details the drug culture was normal when she was with his ex-husband Karthik in 2017. She accuses Trisha of blaming her over Suchileaks when everyone in the room knows that the video was a prank. She regrets living with Karthik for 14 years and hates all the people involved in Suchileaks. She also vents in the interview about how she negatives Karthik, Bayilvan, and Dhanush's life to turn unhappy.

Suchitra Mental Health Issue:

Suchitra's ex-husband Karthik mentioned in an interview that she was dealing with mental health problems, which she refused. In response to that, Suchitra said since she refused to join the drug culture, she turned into the target of Dhanush and Karthik. Throughout the interview, her hatred towards Karthik, Bayilvan, and Dhanush is visible.

Despite all the hatred and controversy, Suchitra says that she is now leading a good life. She fell in love with a person and is happily married.