Sivakarthikeyan Speech at Hero trailer Launch: What He said?

Sivakarthikeyan Speech at Hero trailer Launch: What He said
Sivakarthikeyan Speech at Hero trailer Launch: What He said

Sivakarthikeyan Speech about Robo in Hero Trailers: Hero trailer gives the right messages for today's India, and Siva's speech in the trailer launch about Robo Shankar is hilarious. The hero film is all set for release on 20 December, along with Thambi and Aaiyram Janmangal. Sivakarthikeyan's speech raises the tempo for the version of Hero not only for his fans but also for the real-life heroes who believe their thoughts and instincts than the words of others.

Siva Karthikeyan was praise for many of the Hero team members and explained in detail each of their contributions including

  • He started with thanking the fans for showing their full energy in the function addressing them as brothers and sisters
  • P.Mithran, the director was well praised by Siva and narrated his friendship with him for the past ten years
  • Siva praised stunt master Dilip for his wonderful action scenes in Hero which are different from the normal ones
  • Rueben's editing was well praised, and he said he did not involve in it as he earlier suggested
  • Siva praised Pa Vijay for the song track which he related to his life now and sang the motivational part of the song
  • Siva motivated Kalyani Priyadarshan, the lead female character in Hero to speak more in Tamil as she speaks it well well
  • He wanted the producer of Hero to be careful with brother Robo as he is praising the appearance of him. Though he did not mention the reason, there was heavy laughter from the audience understanding the meaning. 
  • Siva thanked for sharing a lot of experience with him and said he was awed by his stylish talk and mannerisms
  • Choreographer Sathish is the one person who tortured him in the movie was the praise of Siva for him
  • Siva also thanked producer Kotapadi J Rajesh or KJR and also is happy for acting in his next film also
  • Siva said he had goosebumps with the music of Yuvan Sankar Raja and termed him as the king of BGM. He also confirmed the only BGM for 18 minutes in the movies
  • Siva finally said that the movie is about all parents finding superheroes at home and requested to make it a hit to give life to all the team crew including him

Lyca productions being the distributors now have cleared some rumors about the Hero release. The dialogues, like a man, can be destroyed; his statue can be demolished,  but not his thinking and philosophy. I do not make money from education but by educated people and others. Many such dialogues are so appropriate to today's happenings around us.

Hence these dialogues in the trailer will reach the masses appropriately. Also, the other base dialogue for the movie that all people who think on their own are superheroes raises the expectations of Hero to be released on 20 December.