SJ Suryah Joins Raghava Lawrence From May 1 For Maatram Journey

SJ Suryah and Raghava Lawrence
SJ Suryah and Raghava Lawrence

Raghava Lawrence will be opening a charity named Maatram on May 1st. In this case, his co-star in the movie Jigarthanda DoubleX SJ Suryah left a heartfelt message on his X page stating he will join the Maatram charity from May 1.

Raghava Lawrence is an Indian actor, who is also known for his charitable works. He was appreciated for his good heart by his co-workers and Tamil people.

Raghava Lawrence Charity:

Raghava Lawrence announced that he will start the charity service on May 1st to directly assist people in need through his Maatram initiative. In a video posted online, he proudly showcases his girl children (Charitable children) who are studying and working and will be joining him in the May 1st Maatram Service as charitable volunteers.

SJ Suryah Involvement In Maatram:

In this situation, SJ Suryah who worked with him in Cinema shared the message saying he will also join the Maatram. service. In his X post with a video, SJ Suryah wrote, "I am also joining the great journey of ⁦offl_Lawrence master ji’s #May1stmattrem".

In the video, SJ Suryah explains that Maatram. is a platform that enables individuals to provide direct aid to those in need. He also mentions that he will support and follow Master's lead on May 1 and help the one Master shows and wishes the best for the May 1 Maatram Service. 

SJ Suryah addresses Raghava Lawrence's character in their movie together and says he is doing it as a support "For his Caesar" in the video.

Raghava Lawrence's Reply To SJ Suryah:

Raghava Lawrence, seeing the post left a heartfelt reply to SJ Suryah X's post quoting, "I’m extremely happy to welcome iam_SJSuryah. Brother on board for #Maatram. My heartfelt Thanks for joining us on this journey. Together we will bring a change! #Maatram From May 1st."