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Sooragan Movie Starring Karthikeyan and Mansoor Ali Khan Review

Sooragan Movie

Sooragan, featuring Karthikeyan and Subiksha Krishnan in the lead, has been released in theatres today and is receiving an average response from the audience.

A young police officer (Karthikeyan) with a visual impairment who only sees all the scenes correctly when standing upside down gets fired from the job after accidentally shooting a woman in an incident.

Accompanied by his elder sister and uncle, he rescues a woman who is fighting for her life from a car on the side of the road and admits her to the hospital. He discovers that the girl is at a bar where a friend works and begins to inquire about the friend she was with. The movie revolves around the suspense of what happened to the girl and who killed the girl. And the reason behind the murder.

V.Karthikeyan, Subiksha Krishnan, Vincent Asokan, Nizhgal Ravi, Mansoor Alikhan, Pandiarajan, Vinodhini Vaithiyanathan, jiva ravi,  Suresh Menon, Reshma Pasupuleti, Dangermani, KSG.venkatesh, Kalaimamani sridar and many others. Sathish Geetha Kumar directed the film Sooragan, and the music was composed by Achu Rajamani.