Tamilrockers 2019 Latest: How tricky to illegally leak Tamil movie online

Tamilrockers 2019 Latest: How tricky to illegally leak Tamil movie online
Tamilrockers 2019 Latest: How tricky to illegally leak Tamil movie online

How Tamilrockers trick to illegally leak movies online and cause huge damage?

One million dollar question or more worth than that of the Tamil and Indian film industry is "who is behind the Tamilrockers"?. Last year two people were arrested of belonging to Tamilrockers website.

Also this year three more were arrested in Coimbatore. But all these five people Prabhu, Johnson, Karthi, Suresh, and Maria John are only tools to the main admin of Tamilrockers.

They have switched more than 50 plus domains so far from 2011 to bring the cine industry to its brink of existence.

How does Tamilrockers stream movies online as soon as they are released?

Technological experts of the film industry are breaking their heads to find out the ways of Tamilrockers to screen pirated movies online. Only a proper understanding of their modus operandi could enable them to stop screening movies.

The following are the suspected ways Tamilrockers function to stream the pirated movies online

  • So far more than 50 + fake domains were bought with fake names 
  • The pirated movie hosting servers are located in countries like Iceland, where there is no law to prohibit such activity. 
  • All payments are made by untraceable methods like cryptocurrencies in fake accounts
  • All the proxy IPs are in European countries like Iceland where they are concerned only with national security and nothing about these activities

But how do they get the just-released movies like Namma Veettu Pillai today?

There are many ways of getting movies released to be immediately leaked Namma Veettu Pillai online for free download by Tamilrockers including

  • The get a preview print for a nominal value before releasing and while screening for PRESS and other release purposes
  • WFD or worldwide film distribution technology is another source to get the links from abroad multiplexes 
  • Employing a lot of people across many theatres to film the movie and get paid according to the quality of the filming given to them

A lot of people in the pretext of saving a few rupees download the movies from these pirated torrent sites without knowing what all they loose including

  • They do not have the fun and enjoyment of watching the film in theatres with friends and families
  • By downloading the movies in their laptops and smartphones, they kill the livelihood of thousands of families depending on the film
  • Along with this illegal download, they also download a lot of spams even without their permission
  • A lot of viruses like Spyware, Trojan, Rootkit and many more get downloaded free of cost also
  • May get trapped by hackers by clicking on the ads while illegally downloading the movies
  • By using Tamilrockers, they kill a century-old theatre going tradition of people

All these and many more should make those think twice before hitting the download button of Tamilrockers.