Producer Archana Kalpathi Filed Case Against Piracy Websites

Bigil Movie Poster
Bigil Movie Poster

Bigil is one of the commercial Tamil movies in the 2019 Diwali release, along with the Kaithi movie. Online and Box office reservation for tickets started very late due to terms and conditions between theatre owners and distributors. 

Since Bigil movie produced with nearly 200 crores, producer Kalpana has filed a case against Piracy websites not to leak the film. Also, the producer has appointed private agencies to help to protect the movie from piracy websites.

Most of the hero's like Vijay, his fans like to watch the Bigil movie on FDFS. But Bigil FDFS tickets used to be a high price than box office ticket cost. Box office regular rates are maximum Rs. 150 but Bigil movie tickets sold out for Rs. 2000. 

Since Bigil reservation started just one day before the movie release, many of Vijay fans unable to book tickets and even not able to get it in theaters box office counter. Actor Vijay has huge fans based in Tamilnadu in all age groups.

Bigil movie had lots of issues from the day one shooting, and producer Archana solved everything up to early morning show release in Tamilnadu. Being a woman and her hard work brought the movie to the next level of making along with Director Atlee with expensive VFX. Sources say just Rs. 200 crore alone for the project and interest amount not calculated.

While making such a huge budget movie, the producer plan to release the film in multiple other languages, but the producer cannot sell at high rates like in the Tamil Nadu area. Producers at risk of making the movie profitable even after crossing all expenses.