Tamilrockers Leaked Hotel Mumbai Full Movie Online

Tamilrockers Leaked Hotel Mumbai Full Movie Online
Tamilrockers Leaked Hotel Mumbai Full Movie Online

Tamilrockers Leaked Hotel Mumbai Full Movie Online as soon as it hit Indian screens: Hotel Mumbai took more than a year to be released in India after its initial release in the Toronto International Film Festival on 7 September 2019. But Tamilrockers took only minutes of its release across India, to leak it online by Tamilrockers.

Hotel Mumbai is released yesterday across India to bring live the horrifying moments that happened eleven years ago in 2008. The movie is a chilling recreation of the killings in the Taj hotel at Mumbai. The background music is hand in glove with the director to portray the chill 26/11 happenings in Mumbai.

Australian director Anthony Maras released his movie in Australia on 14 March 2019 an in the States on 22 March 2019. At those times, Hotel Mumbai was not leaked online by Tamilrockers, but soon as it hit the Indian screens today, it is leaked by them online now. It shows that they want to play spoilsport only to movies released in India.

It gives a new dimension of their thinking and modus of Operandi. They very well knew Hotel Mumbai film is about the 26/11 happenings and also it to be released in India soon. But though they had enough time and resources to leak the movie online earlier, they did not do so. It raises many questions, which the film fraternity should investigate to find the real motive behind Tamilrockers leaking online, only the movies releasing in India.

As per rumors, there is a cartel within the film fraternity to make the other group's movies not to run in theaters and make money. It could be true to even distributors of English and Hindi films in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in India. What is right and what is not will only be known when Tamilrockers is caught. It could also stop their menace of screening movies like Hotel Mumbai now online.

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