Thalapathy 69: RJ Balaji Narrates His Story to Actor Vijay to Direct

Thalapathy 69
Thalapathy 69

RJ Balaji also joins the row to direct Actor Vijay's upcoming film Thalapathy 69. Many new and well-known directors from Tamil and Telugu industries are narrating their stories to Actor Vijay.

It is to note that other well-known Tamil directors like Karthik Subburaj and H.Vinoth are already in this competition to direct Vijay's Thalapathy 69. In this situation, it is said that RJ Balaji is also willing to direct Thalapathy's 69th movie.

Actor Vijay is, of course, undeniably a big and renowned movie star. His performances and charm are much liked among his fans. The LEO actor has set foot on his political journey, so he has announced that he would only act in his committed movies, and he would go full-fledged on to serve people through politics.

RJ Balaji, a radio jockey turned into a sports commentator who turns into an actor, director, and writer, has come up with a surprise of being a part of directing Thalapathy 69. RJ Balaji has also co-directed two movies earlier named Mookuthi Amman (2020) and Veetla Vishesham (2022). If Actor Vijay chooses his script, then RJ Balaji will become a full-fledged director to direct a leading star in Tamil Film industry.

RJ Balaji has also told in an interview in 2022 that he has narrated his script to Actor Vijay for about forty minutes. He liked it. He asked when the shooting would start. For that, Balaji replied that he would take five months, up to next March or April. Hearing that, Vijay laughed.

According to fans' and cinema lovers' speculation, Thalapathy 69 is expected to be a political film based on Actor Vijay's political entry. It is also assumed that the movie will be produced by DVV Entertainment, a Telugu Production Company known for producing the world-popular 'RRR'.

As we all know, Thalapathy 69 will be the last movie for Actor Vijay, which is a big disappointment for the fans. The official announcement on Thalapathy 69 has not yet been announced, so let's wait for further official updates.