Thamarai Selvi Hashtag Is Trending After Yesterday Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 yesterday's episode was engaging with the hosting of actress Ramya Krishnan. The eviction of Iykki Berry was a bit hard to accept, but still, the wild card entries are making the shows lively.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has crossed 56th day. Many Bigg Boss viewers are missing Kamla Haasan, sir, and his absence makes the show incomplete. Many different criticisms are pouring on social media on the hosting of Ramya Krishnan. 

Few say it is good and well, but on the other hand, people say she is being partial. On top of that, few feel that the Bigg Boss show is giving more importance to Thamarai Selvi. The argument between Priyanka and Thamrai Selvi made the hashtag Thamarai go trending on Twitter. Many say Thamarai is faking, and few say she is innocent.

In yesterday's episode, Annachi, Pavni and Thamarai Selvi got saved. Niroop and Iykki berry were at the last in which Niroop got saved, and Iykki got evicted. With no mess, Iykki Berry left the Bigg Boss house with a rap song. But eviction of Iykki was not more in talk when considering on yesterday's episode rather Thamarai's Selvi's talks, and her behaviour is taken as the content.

Many Netizens disagree with the hosting of Ramya Krishnan. It is said that she is biased because, in Saturday's episode, she was too much with Akshara targetting Ciby and Raju. After the wild card entries and the change of host, the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 show is taking diversions with twisting plots.

Following the weekends, today's Bigg Boss Tamil 5 promos are released, and another fight seems to burst. In the promo, it is clear that the captaincy tasks have been held, and Annachi wins, but it seems like Niroop is making use of the coin to become the captain. 

After listening to the advice of Ramya Krishnan, it is expected that Varun and Amir will get exposed and voice out in place of needs. It is expected the show will be interesting with the wildcard entries and the contestants' transformation.