Thangalaan Movie Story And Trending Tribute Video To Chiyaan

Thangalaan Update
Thangalaan Update

The Thangalaan movie team made a tribute video for Chiyaan Vikram on his birthday. The video made the fans excited about the movie and sent wishes for the actor and the team.

The star Vikram is well-known for playing identical roles in Tamil Cinema. The actor is praised for his dedication to his roles in the cinema. 

Thangalaan Movie:

Thangalaan, written and directed by Pa Ranjith, was produced by K E Gnanavelraja, Jyoti Deshpande and Neha Gnanavelraja. The music for the upcoming movie was composed by G.V. Prakash.

As the Thangalaan movie teaser was released five months ago, the fans were overwhelmed by the teaser and commented with positive reviews and wished the film to be successful.

After watching the teaser, people had high expectations for the movie. The look of the people and set triggers the audience's curiosity.

Thangalaan Story:

The movie is a historical movie based on a true story. Thangalaan means the son of Gold, and the story explores how the people save KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) from the Britishers. 

The team released a tribute video for Vikram's Birthday. The video shows the viewers the actor's dedication to his role and his good acting skills in the movie. 

The Tribute video of the Thangalaan film made the fans happy and excited for the release of the movie Thangalaan. The Fans are also eagerly awaiting the next movie, 'Chiyaan 62' update, which is yet to be released.