Was This The Reason Why Nadia Chang Eliminated From Bigg Boss Tamil 5?

Nadia Chang Family
Nadia Chang Family

Nadia Chang was initially told she would be eliminated from the show because she was quiet. But in the storytelling task, she impressed the fans with the story she told about his strict mother and about her caring husband.

During yesterday's show, the nominated contestants were sitting together. When host Kam Haasan mentioned the name after saying saved, the contestants were happy and relaxed. All the contestants wish to travel in the journey of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil for 100 days, but it's not possible.

After listing the saved contestants in the end, there were only two Abhishek and Nadia Chang. All the other contestants were excited as to know who was going to walk off from Bigg Boss 5 Tamil. Host Kamal Haasan showed the card and confirmed that Nadia Chang was the one who was about to get eliminated.

After the card was shown to the contestants, Abishek Raaja was relieved because he escaped from the elimination. Nadia Chang was a bit shocked to see her name on the card.  Not only her even the other Bigg Boss contestants were shocked. 

Co-Contestants were telling Nadia that she was one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss Season 5. It was hard for them to accept the goodbye of Nadia Chang. In a flow, Niroop told her that he would have been happy if Abishek had been eliminated. Although it was for fun, it is expected that there will be a clash on this topic.

She then waved goodbye to the other contestants and left the Bigg Boss House. Madhumita from Germany was very close to Nadia Chang, and she hugged Nadia Chang and cried severely. The other Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestants are still in confusion on what basis Nadia Chang was eliminated.

From the public point of view, there pokes one reason that is her silence. She was not much interactive like the other contestants. Yes, it was true that she voiced out where she should, but she only spoke in some places where the decisions were to be made. At the same time, she received very less votes and the fabs were not able to connect with her for the past two weeks.

Isaivani was the most expected contestant to leave the Bigg Boss House. She received a high number of votes during the nomination process. She felts as if the other contestants corner her. It is very curious to know who will in the nomination list this week.