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Thunivu Full Movie Review: Ajith Roars In Bank Heist Action Package

Thunivu Movie

Ajith's Thunivu, directed by H. Vinod, is released in theatres and is a roaring success worldwide. Ajith Fans are super happy about the outcome of the film.

Thunivu Movie Story:

Thunivu is all about the struggle to expose the encroachments of banks on the common person. A gang is planning to rob your bank, which is busy in the main area of Chennai. Accordingly, the gang enters and takes the bank employees and customers hostage at gunpoint. 

Ajith, who appears as a customer, shoots the robbers and brings the entire bank under his control. Immediately the police department and the government machinery alerted to catch Ajith. Did Ajith get caught in the hands of the police department in the end? Why does he want to rob a bank?- 'Thunivu' is a film that tells all these questions in a screenplay mixed with a good message.

Thunivu Movie Review:

Thunivu is a one-person show with a good action sequence. Ajith's iconic dance moves and the matching background score are delightful and keep the entire theatre moving.

Manju Warrier as Kanmani gets attention through stunt sequences rather than being a conventional romance heroine. A compelling performance matches the chemistry between Ajith and him.

The point that director H. Vinod tries to convey through the film is important. The film unfolds the struggles of the people trapped in EMIs, the banks that invest them and see money, the marketing staff in between, and their target torturer.

The film's first half moves briskly with intense action sequences, splattering bullets. The background story for Ajith in the second half, which had to tell the story of the build-up built until then, was about the same. Another backstory that follows is artificially imposed as if to make the point.

The songs in Gibran's music are enjoyable. The background music adds intensity to the scenes and creates goosebumps moments in some places to treat the audience. The cinematography has added richness to the film.

Thunivu Cast:

Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, Pavani Reddy, John Kokken and Mamathi Chari are in the lead roles. Directed by H. Vinoththe movie is produced by Boney Kapoor. Nirav Shah handles the cinematography with the edit of Vijay Velukutty.