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Ticket To Finale Task: Azeem Anger Towards Rachita And Shivin Trolled?

Bigg Boss Season 6

Bigg Boss Season 6 has entered its 87th day today. As 13 people have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house so far, the expectation has been raised regarding who will be evicted this week. This season has become even more intresting only after the ticket to finale task.

Meanwhile, the task of Ticket to Finale has been going on for the past two days. Accordingly, the winner of this task will directly qualify for the finals without getting involved in nominations. Due to this, competitors are clashing fiercely.

The competition has also intensified as Bigg Boss Season 6 is nearing its finale. This week the golden ticket task to qualify for the live finals occurs. Competitions are held in various forms, like word clashes, debates, and physical tasks. 

Most of the tasks will be physical. Accordingly, so far, Maina and Amudavanan are said to be in the lead. At the same time, Vikraman and Azeem are struggling hard and facing failures.

The housemates are given the task of riding a bicycle. Sitting in front of Amudavanan's cycle, Azeem is eliminated from the competition for sitting late. Azeem, who went to the top of his anger, looks at both Shivin and Rachita, who are on the same cycle, and challenges him, saying, "It is because of you that I am suffering. I was playing properly. 

Now I am the one who is affected. I am saying now, and I will see you two in the next game." This leaves Shivin and Rachita speechless. This shows how his anger has shifted on both Shivin and Rachitha. Yesterday's promo regarding this content was highly trolled among the netizens.