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Ticket To Finale: Amudhavanan Wins And Escapes From Nomination

Bigg Boss Season 6

Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 ticket to the finale task is over. An unexpected contestant has won the task.

There will be an award function for everyone based on the matches held this week in Bigg Boss. Vikraman and Azeem do not accept the title and comment that they have been given a title that does not suit them.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 show Ticket to Finale started this week. A more difficult task was given in the competition for this task. Several tasks will be conducted in which the contestant who finally scores the most points will be the first to qualify for the finals. In the end, Amudavanan won the competition. 

It has been revealed who will be eliminated this week in the 6th season of Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan. With this, it is confirmed that he will be the first person to advance to the finale of Bigg Boss Season 6.

Amudavanan's name is also on this week's eviction list. Among them, Amudavanan is the one who has gained fewer votes as of now. Although he got fewer votes, there is no chance of him being eliminated this week as he has won the Ticket to Finale task.