Today's Promo 2, Oct 06: Anitha Cries while Comparing Nisha to her Mother

Anitha cries while comparing Nisha to her mother
Anitha cries while comparing Nisha to her mother

The second promo today comes with an emotional eloquence from Anitha Sampath. She is a famous newsreader, and a Tamil enthusiast seems to be an interesting contestant of Bigg Boss 4. She blended well with the other contestants and leaping around the house like a doll. 

Another part of Yesterday's task yet to telecast today. Bigg boss asked contestants to give a heart symbol and heartbroken symbol to their favorite and unfavorite, respectively. Many of the contestants received real bitterness during the task.

Rekha was alleged for ordering and rudely dominating others. Sanam is also claimed as being fake and real game player. Shivani received the most number of heartbroken symbol for making herself separate from others.

Rio and Aari received many hearts for their calmness and generosity. Aranthangi Nisha obtained hearts for her originality. While marking the heart to Nisha, Anitha breaks into tears. She compared Nisha to her mother, who feels inferior for her skin color.

She states, "She had an inferiority complex about her dark skin. She doesn't wear jewels, which makes her even more darker. She hasn't attended any of my School parents' meetings, considering her outer appearance."

She also added, "But Nisha hasnt hesitated about her skin colour, she exerts it as an advantage and makes us laugh with it. I hope my mother will learn this attitude from her".