TTF Vasan Controversy: Fans Bikes Confiscated By Police Based On CCTV

TTF Vasan
TTF Vasan

Youtuber TTF Vasan used to get involved in various controversies. He became the spotlight after his birthday celebration at TN 43 Hotel. And now he is again ended with controversy.

Vasan has a huge fan base for him. It was reported that Vasan would come to open the Cuddalore office of film director Senthil Chelam in the Pudupalayam area of Cuddalore.

For this, on 13th December, welcome banners were put up at many places. Four cases were registered against the police for putting up banners without permission, and the banners were removed.

In this situation, supporters of YouTuber TTF Vasan were gathering in the Pudupalayam area this yesterday. At this stage, his supporters came at high speed on two-wheelers and stopped the vehicles at various places to welcome the smell of TTF in the car. Due to this, there was a heavy traffic jam on Pudupalayam road.

Following this, the police repeatedly asked the attendants to remove the vehicles and gave warnings through loudspeakers. But no one dispersed. The police immediately chased the people away with batons. 

As a result, many people stopped their vehicles in that area and ran away. The police impounded the bikes that were driven, causing a public nuisance. A case was registered against fans' vehicles based on CCTV footage.