TTF Vasan New Controversy: Travelled In A car Without A Number Plate

TTF Vasan
TTF Vasan

Recently, the movie "College Road", directed by Jai Amar, was released. In this case, the music special was released at Kamala Theater in Vadapalani, Chennai. College Road star Lingesh and popular YouTuber TTF Vasan were present to watch the film.

As TTF Vasan is one of the popular YouTubers in Tamil Nadu, more than 20 security personnel were deployed there in anticipation of more fans coming to see him. When it was known that TTF Vasan was coming, many of his fans came.

In this case, TTF Vasan arrived in a white Mahendra car. But the registration number was not affixed to the vehicle in which TTF Vasan arrived. As a result, the police fined 500 rupees and impounded the luxury vehicle for violating the traffic rules, and the Vadapalani police are investigating.

Also, it was reported that the police confiscated the car after affixing the vehicle registration and taking the car. Then it came to know that the car belonged to his friend who bought the car a few days ago. The fine imposed by the police was imposed, and the number plate of the vehicle was immediately affixed. Following this, the matter came to an end.

In this regard, TTF Vasan has given an interview to a TV channel, "No matter what I do, it becomes a problem, brother. Many people see me as rowdy. I am not rowdy. I am not a rowdy in our town. "Look, It's very difficult. If you ride a bike, there is a problem. If you ride a car, there will be a problem. It was a mistake to drive the bike. I will not drive again. Don't portray me as a rowdy for that, bro."