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TTF Vasan Response Video For Accusations Against Stunts And Speed

TTF Vasan

In recent days, the most heard YouTuber name is TTF Vasan. His birthday celebration made him even more famous. His recent video is currently going viral with lots of accusations, and even TTF Vasan has given clarifications to his fans via Youtube Shots.

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TTF Vasan is a young Youtuber who runs Twin Throttlers Channel. He has 2M plus subsribers. His way of speaking and concern for others has attracted many viewers. At the same time, he has a crowd of fans to admire his bike stunts, bike rides and high riding videos. He does his stunts wearing a helmet and riding jackets.

His recent video on riding his high cc bike at the speed of 247kmph at Yamuna Express Highway has caused a great stir. This video has been shared by many on social media, saying that he is highly injurious to Youngsters and is encouraging others to do the same. It is reported that police have also noted the accusations.

In order to clear the statement, TTF Vasan has released a video on his Youtube channel saying that many issues have been going on. In it, he said that "I have no idea on what is happening. I haven't thought any ill to others, but suddenly, everything is turning towards us, and the reason is not known. People are speaking both negatives and positives.

I haven't inspired anyone to ride speedy, ride without a helmet, or do stunts. I do stunts to develop my skill. Every biker needs to know this in order to rescue himself during a long trip. I have learnt stunts only in private spots. But few news channels have taken it the wrong way. Suppose If I have inspired anyone, I'm sorry. Do ride safely and carefully. 

Ride with Helmet. If you are doing stunts, do it in a private spot. I have ridden it 247 speed not in Tamil Nadu but at Northside in Yamuna Express Highway."