V1 Murder Case Review: Clever and Moderately Engaging

V1 Murder Case Review Clever and Moderately Engaging
V1 Murder Case Review Clever and Moderately Engaging

V1 Murder case Review: Murder mystery cleverly investigated but falling short in the end: Whodunit murder mystery movie again in Tamil with V1 Murder case release today. It is well directed by Pavel Navageethan to portray the nyctophobia protagonist played well by Ram Arun Castro in the movie.

The way the suspense should be maintained for such movies is well done during most of the film but falls short in the end. But still, the debutant director Pavel can be praised for a reasonable attempt, which could make the audiences to have a good time in theaters.

As usual for a crime mystery movie, it starts with a beautiful young girl's death and the start of the crime investigation. But it is where director Pavel excels by not showing it as a routine police investigation but that of a full-fledged forensic related investigation.

Though it is common for Hollywood movies, for Tamil, it is one of the firsts and also done well by the director. For the forensic investigation, the protagonist is an intelligent forensic sciences trainer. Again here, the director brings another first of the lead character of being affected by nyctophobia. It is a psychological illness due to extreme fear of night or darkness.

The well-crafted mystery continues with the dead girl's live-in partner's suicide. The female lead police officer role played by Vishnupriya Pilla does her part well except for her  Tamil dialogue delivery. And the best part of it is she does not flirt or have songs around the trees with the protagonist. All is well until the last few scenes, where the director with many amusing characterizations could have also brought something new to the movie in the climax.

Also, the nyctophobia affected lead role is given the proper reason for it. He is having a phobia due to his wife's death and also sent from the police force to the forensic department. But this new concept could have been more focused, which could have made this movie on par with such international murder mystery movies.

But the director, with some intelligent scenes from the start, maintains the suspense. To precisely pinpoint is the scene where three witnesses to the crime give three different versions of it to increase the uncertainty. The BGM by Ronnie Raphel and the cinematography by T S Krishnasekar well support Pavel in the film.

V1 Murder Case is a fantastic new attempt on the crime mystery genre and a must-watch for movie lovers.