Vaanam Kottattum Movie Public Review

Vaanam Kottattum Poster
Vaanam Kottattum Poster

Mani Rathnam's next Vaanam Kottattum movie is on the silver screens but not the epic man as a director but depicts as a producer under the banner of Madras Talkies.

The film crew has released the special sneak peek 2 of the Vaanam Kottattum film. Sid Sriram has composed music for this film starring Sarathkumar, Radhika, Vikram Prabhu, and Shanthanu. The film releases today all over Tamilnadu.

Directed by Dhana, Vaanam Kottattum seems to get an intense emotional response from the audience in the silver screens today. The movie story was written by Mani Ratnam, revolves around three different styles of relationships.

Sneak Peeks and Sid Sriram's songs released in the post-production phase have set high hopes for the film freaks to witness Maniratnam-Dhana screenplay on the silver screen.

Vaanam Kottattum shows the real and reel screen couple Sarathkumar and Raadhika Sarathkumar depicting a kind of love away from each other where Sarathkumar acquired a jail life in the main storyline. The movie story plots around different love form engrossing in single screen space as matured love between Sarathkumar and Raadhika,brother-sister love among Vikram Prabhu and Aishwarya Rajesh plus a new age love between Shanthanu and Madonna Sebastian.

Public Review:

Overall, Vaanam Kottatum movie receives applauds with positive reviews from the movie enthusiasts. Audiences who watched the movie feels it is Dhana's film with full of Maniratnam's touch of essence. Screenplay scores a high rating in Vaanam Kottattum with debutant Sid Sriram music composition highlights him as a professional in the field.

Always Mani Ratnam's character portrayal will remain in the soul forever, and Vaanam Kottattum's cast selection never failed to fulfill the character highlights in every screen.

Every cast and crew's performance set a rage on theatres, but somehow limited audience feel the flick to be more slow and emotional driven. 

Even though the movie storyline is more usual and predictable, the stellar performances by the cast are one must talkable factor since the Director Dhana completes every cast story with a clean from experience attained from Mani Ratnam's guidance.

Everything has thick and thin, but overall, Vaanam Kottattum is a gentle family drama with some superb performances.