Vadivel Balaji Death News Sends Shocks Across Big and Small Screen Artists

Vadivel Balaji Death News
Vadivel Balaji Death News

Vadivel Balaji will not be available anymore to entertain people on the small screen. At a young age of 42, he is dead now due to a heart attack. He was suffering from a blood clot in the brain for the past 15 days right after being eliminated from the Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathirai 2 show shooting in Vijay TV.

After treatment in many hospitals, he was finally brought to Rajiv Gandhi hospital today, where he breathed last. His death has sent shock across the small and big screen artists and viewers now.

Vadivel Balaji a remake of Vadivel

For the past more than ten years, Vadivel Balaji entertained millions of people in his many shows on Vijay TV. Due to his physical resemblance and body language to the famous comedy actor Vadivel, he was called Vadivel Balaji.

He hailed from Madurai and started his career from the Kalaka Povathu Yaru show on Vijay TV. But he became famous with Adhu Ithu Ethu, and since the show was then hosted by Siva Karthikeyan and directed by Nelson, he also acted in some movies.

Nelson first gave him the chance to work in his film directorial debut movie Kolamavu Kokila. He became famous with the Siricha Pochu show wherein he single-handedly made people laugh were even two and more people failed to make them laugh. He even showed his dancing skills in the dance show Jodi Number one.

Vadivel Balaji was taken from hospital to hospital for treatment

Right after reporting illness in Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathirai 2, Vadivel Balaji was taken to Billroth Hospital, where he suffered a stroke due to blood clotting. Both his legs were paralyzed. After a few days of treatment, he was taken to Vijaya Hospital in Vadapalani and then to Omanthurar hospital in Mount Road. But due to a lot of COVID 19 patients there, today morning, he was taken to Rajiv Gandhi hospital and was confirmed dead now due to a heart attack.

Many TV artists like Arthi, Raman, and others have expressed shock over his death. Vadivel Balaji's death at a young age is not only a loss to the small screen viewers but an alarm signal for all to take care of their health.