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Vaibhav Starring Ranam Tamil Crime Thriller Movie Review

Ranam Movie

Vaibhav's action thriller, Ranam, has been released in theatres and is receiving a good response among the audience compared to the other films released yesterday (23 February).

Ranam Movie Story:

In Madhavaram Police Station, the police come across a serious case where legs are found with cuts and burns. Similarly, burnt body parts are found in different parts of Chennai. The case intensified, and the police started to receive pressure from the higher officials.

Struggling to find out who is committing these murders, the police department enlists the help of crime scene writer and painter Shiva. Shiav is a facial reconstruction artist.

At one point, the inspector investigating the case also goes missing. A new woman inspector takes charge and investigates the case. The film moves towards the knots behind this. Who was behind the murders? What is the reason behind the murders? Who was the exact target? What is the connection between Vaibhav and the murder? The answer to these questions is the rest of the story.

Ranam(2024) Review:

Ranam movie has comes out as a decent crime thriller. Director Sherief has given his full effort to bring out this film in a thrilling way. Ranam movie cannot be compared with Arun Vijay's Ratchasan. The audio and visuals in this film, Ranam, are sufficient for a crime thriller. But in a few scenes, the screenplay is disturbing, especially in the scenes where the bodies are shown.

The flashbacks in the story appear disconnected from the rest of the screenplay. It would have been better if the characters were built more resonating with strong characterization. The director fails to provide sufficient information about what happened to the characters involved in the death. However, the story is quite intriguing and perfectly fits the "thriller" genre. Watch Ranam Tamil full movie in theatres to experience a good audio and visuals.

Ranam Movie Cast And Crew:

Vaibhav, Nandita Swetha, Tanya Hope, Saras Menon, Suresh Chakravarthi, and Pathaman have done the lead roles in the movie Ranam. Sherief directed the film, which Madhu Nagarajan produced under the banners Mithun Mithra Productions.