Vasantha Mullai Tamil Full Movie Starring Bobby Simha Review

Vasantha Mullai Movie
Vasantha Mullai Movie

Vasantha Mullai movie starring Bobby Simha in the lead. Ramanana Purushothama has directed the film considering the youngsters working in IT. The movie is released in theatres today and received both positive and negative reviews.

Corporate companies are exploiting human resources unlimitedly in the name of target by offering some monetary benefits to the employees working in the IT sector and draining their health without their knowledge.

The man who suffers from this indirect exploitation of labour which is practised all over the world, loses his sleep. Due to the loss of sleep, his thinking and brain functions change.

The screenplay of 'Vasantha Mullai' is about the psychological problems faced by a hero who lives without sleep. Although the lay audience cannot guess what will happen next in the psychological thriller-style screenplay, in the climax, the director insists that the younger generation should live a normal life without losing the precious sleep of health and not chasing income.

The director has brought this movie, considering the current generation in mind. Bobby Simha, who plays the hero, played a strong role  Kashmira Pardeshi, who plays the heroine, has made good use of the opportunity given to her.

The background score, cinematography, and songs are elegant and mesmerizing. A section of fans was disappointed that the screenplay had the potential for populist scenes and avoided them. It is not a bad thriller movie, but it failed to capture the audience's needs.