Vetrimaran Web Series Nilamellam Ratham Controversy Risen On Title

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

A web series titled 'Nilamellam Ratham' has been directed under the direction of Vetrimaran. The music for this film is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Ameer, who has joined hands with Vetrimaran, had spoken about the movie at a recent event. The title controversy, which did not arise then, has arisen now.

Writer Pa Raghavan has written a book titled 'Nilamellam Ratham'. It is a book that focuses on the Israel-Palestine issue. Over the past few days, there has been controversy over how Vetrimaran can keep that title. Some of Raghavan's readers and friends have been posting about it on social media.

Pa Raghavan, on his personal social media page, said, "There was a news that director Vethimaran is producing a web series or film titled 'Nilamellam Ratham' and director Ameer will act in it. This news must have arrived long ago. I didn't notice. Yesterday by chance, a text friend named Kannan Prabhu pointed this out and asked if you knew. I replied that I didn't know. I wrote this as a note on Facebook.

Got a call today from a new number. Then a text message came from the same number. He told me that his name was Bala and that he was an associate of Director Vetrimaran and asked to speak.

He said that they did not know that there was a book called Nilamellam Ratham. He said that it was a title that he had thought of himself.

But this is a nation that has no history of writers wrestling with cinematographers. Both sectors have different copyright and ethical practices. Well, I told you to tell my publisher. They replied that if you don't like it, we would change the title.

Even if they use the same title or change the title to something else, it's not going to affect my publisher or me. Besides, I have neither the desire nor the need to burn this little spark." This has made the Vetrimaran fans clueless. It is curious to know whether Vetrimaran will change the title of the web series or keep the same will be known soon.