Vidaa Muyarchi First Look Reveals Ajith Role In The Movie?

Vidaa Muyarchi First Look Poster
Vidaa Muyarchi First Look Poster

The first-look poster for Ajith Kumar's Vidaa Muyarchi has been released, capturing fans' attention and eliciting mixed reviews from viewers. The poster's resemblance to Ajith's look in his previous movie, Billa (2007), has sparked discussions among fans.

Vidaa Muyarchi is one of the much-awaited movies in Tamil cinema with stellar performers Ajith, Trisha, and Arjun. In this case, the Vidaa Muyarchi movie team released the first look revealing Ajith in striking black attire on a deserted road with a bag, which seems to have caught the attention of many fans. The phrase "On his Path" adds an intriguing element to the visual. 

Vidaa Muyarchi Poster Reviews:

It's common for star actor posters to receive mixed reactions from fans and critics. Similar to that Vidaa Muyarchi's first look poster received maximum positive reviews from the fans. While many fans are happy and satisfied with the poster, others might have different expectations or preferences, from the movie team. 

Good Bad Ugly Vs Vidaa Muyarchi:

Fans compare Vidaa Muyarchi's first-look poster to Ajith's upcoming movie Good Bad Ugly's second-look poster, which received many positive reviews. Some fans conclude that Vidaa Muyarchi's first look is not as captivating as the poster for Good Bad Ugly.

Vidaa Muyarchi Storyline Clues:

Vidaa Muyarchi is expected to be released for Diwali 2024 and has many expectations among the fans. In this case, there is quite a buzz surrounding Ajith's upcoming movie on social media about the movie plot. The rumoured online theory is,

  • Unlike Mankatha (2011), in Vidaa Muyarchi's movie, there's talk that Ajith and Trisha might be portrayed as a married couple, with Ajith's character being depicted as caring towards his wife.
  • The speculation about Ajith appearing in two different getups, with one resembling his younger self as seen in "Kadhal Mannan" (1998), adds an intriguing twist.
  • The assumption of Vidaa Muyarchi being a gangster movie where Ajith lives a double life further deepens the anticipation among fans. 

With the release of the first-look poster for Vidaa Muyarchi, fans' anticipation for the movie has increased. Fans are eagerly waiting for further updates from the Vidaa Muyarchi team.