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Viewers Flocking To Support Dhanalakshmi After Listening To Her Story

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6

Dhanalakshmi is one of the contestants participating in Bigg Boss Season 6. Dhanalakshmi from Bhavani, Erode district, is famous for her Reels videos. He has participated in the Bigg Boss show as one of the common people. After listening to her sad story, big Boss viewers are flocking in support of Dhanalakshmi on social media.

In this case, all the housemates were shocked to hear how Dhanalakshmi talked about how she had bullied her mother when she was doing TikTok. I made Tik Tok videos with all kinds of pranks, and my mother took videos for me all night.

I scolded her very badly because she didn't take the video properly. But, when I came here, I realized how to talk to adults, and other housemates also felt it and cried. The red buzzer didn't go off. As Dhanalakshmi started telling her true story, her eye-popping expression made her fellow contestants feel it. It seems that Dhanalakshmi will survive the direct nomination next week.