Vijay Antony Criticizes Blue Sattai Maran for False Movie Reviews

Vijay Antony X post
Vijay Antony X post

Vijay Antony, a music director and actor, recently posted on his social media account, mentioning Blue Sattai Maran and other movie reviewers who provide false analyses of movies. He urged the public not to consider such reviews and to avoid making unfair judgments about movie Romeo.

Vijay Antony and Mirnalini Ravi starred Romeo and is still running successfully in theatres. Not only the Vijay Antony fans but also the Family audience enjoyed the movie. Since it's a romantic comedy film, the reach was above average, and it didn't receive any negative comments.

Blue Sattai Maran criticized the movie's screenplay and editing in a negative way as always. Notified by this Vijay Antony has posted in his X regarding the Blue Satti Maran review.

In it he mentioned, 'For some people like Blue Sattai Maran who wrongly criticized many good film, My deepest sympathies to the intellectuals who believe everything they say to be true and criticize Tamil cinema without celebrating many good film like Romeo.'