Vijay Sethupathi gave a befitting reply to rumor mongers on Vijay’s IT raid

Vijay Sethupathi
Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay Sethupathi answers the rumor mongers of him changing to Christianity in the best way they could understand. The IT raids and inquiry on Vijay has become the grinding mill for rumors for the past one week. Ever since Vijay was picked up from the shooting spot and questioned for 30 hours, it is the talk of the town.

But nothing was seized from him, and only from the financier of the Bigil movie lots of cash and documents were seized.  Vijay Sethupathi in this backdrop has slammed the rumor mongers who link him along with the Christian conversion story, go and do some work in the most colloquial, which is like slapping the rumor mongers on the face.

Vijay Sethupathi is acting with Vijay in Master and was in shooting when the IT sleuths picked up Vijay for questioning. BJP party with ten people held a protest against their own BJP central government for granting permission for Master shooting in Neyveli mines. And many more such comedies were running havoc in the social media.

One such crazy but sinister intentioned story is that Vijay is financing a private college owner lady to convert Hindus to Christians.  It also confirms without a doubt that in a recent function in Vadapalani in Chennai, Arya, Vijay Sethupathi, Ramesh Khanna, Aarti, and many other actors are converted to Christians. That is not all, and they are entrusted with the task of changing all the actors to Christianity soon.

Vijay Sethupathy, today February 12 in his twitter handle, shared the clipping of this malicious story. And replied, "Poyi Vella iruntha parungada," which roughly means go and do some work with a slang that insults anyone without any respect.

Many observers feel that the reply of Vijay Sethupathi is fitting and correct to those without any work want to rake up issues which are irrelevant to daily life and distract the people from the significant problems they face now and more severely in the future.