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Vithaikkaaran Movie Review: Sathish As Hero In Tamil Thriller Drama

Vithaikkara Movie Scene

Vithaikkaaran, starring comedian Sathish, has been released in theatres and is receiving good comments from the audience. It's good to see actor Sathish in lead roles after usually being cast as a comedian.

Vithaikkaaran Movie Story:

Vithaikkaaran is a film that tries to give a humorous and lively account of the events that happened to Satheesh, a person who lost his memory due to an unpredictable incident. Being a magician, how Sathish gets involved in smuggling and theft is the story's key plot.

Vithaikkaaran Movie Review:

The director, Venki, has made a good effort to begin the story with comedy and thriller. Unfortunately he failed to make the audience laugh in certain places. It is good to see multiple comedy characters in a few frames. Although Sathish acted well in this film, the serious acting didn't suit him. All the characters have done justice to their role, which is the key reason why the movie moved well in Vithaikkaaran's first half.

The second half moves briskly compared to the first half, even though the plot moves simultaneously. The gang moves around the airport to seize the smuggling diamond. Although the movie revolves in the same spot, the story still keeps the audience engaged. The background music is the backbone of the film, which merges well with the scenes.

Vithaikkaaran Cast and Crew:

Directed by Vengi, this film is produced by Vijay Pandi. Yuva Karthik did the cinematography for the film, and Arul Elango Siddharth did the editing.