4 Sorry Review: Watch 4 Sorry Tamil Full Movie Starring Sakshi Agarwal

4 Sorry Movie Poster
4 Sorry Movie Poster

4 Sorry Tamil movie is released in theatres. Average comments are pouring as reviews. This movie narration is different from the usual ones. As announced, the 4 Sorry Tamil movie is released on October 29 in theatres.

4 Sorry Tamil movie trailer shows that many familiar actors and actresses are sharing the movie space. This movie handles different genres in different situations. The entire movie circles with  a single word, "Sorry." The film delivers the message of how important the word sorry is.

The different situations will put the leads to ask sorry for what they have done. The movie says that 'one word that can be taken for granted or can be changed is Sorry'. In the 4 Sorry movies, the storyline travels with four stories in which the endpoint will be the word sorry. 

The positives of the four sorry Tamil Movie can be said as the message that the film tries to deliver. All the characters have done their role well with no overacting. The negatives are its storyline which messes the mind of the viewers at a certain point. It could have brought more interesting content.

The main actors and actresses in the movie 4 Sorry are Kaali Venkat, John Vijay, Bigg Boss fame Sakshi Agarwal, Daniel Annie Pope, Riythvika, Muthu Kumar and Sahana. The movie is said to be boring after a few minutes of watch. 

4 Sorry Tamil movie is directed by Sakthivel and produced by Safety Dream Production, Rule Breakers Production, Karthick Ashokan Production and Diya Cine Creation. Watch 4 Sorry Tamil Movie in theatres from today. It is a one time watch movie.