Home (2021): Watch Home Malayalam Full Movie On Amazon Prime

Home Movie Poster
Home Movie Poster

If anyone keeps recommending you to watch the new Malayalam movie Home, don't ignore it. Yes, it is a must-watch film for this generation that projects the life of a young teenager and his innocent father.

The film deserves special attention and credits for its delivery and the script. The film showcases how solid lifeless smartphones ruins the human relationship with friends and family. The main positive of the film is they have not negatively projected the SmartphoneSmartphone at any point.

The screenplay is very clear in delivering the content by conveying the advantages and the disadvantages of the Smartphone. On the one hand, it is very easy to connect long-distance relationships near through smartphones with a single click, but on the other hand, Smartphones distance the neared ones.

The film tells about the technology, and it is neatly with explicit content. Rojin Thomas has given his best out of this film. Each and every character in the movie has done justice to their role. The film Home's positive is its storyline, which represents the daily happenings that are occurring in most of the home.

The film goes for 2 hours 24 minutes where the initial scene might feel dull, but the story starts to travel along with the content the movie heats up. The pain of a father who has not seen his son for a very long time and how he tries to get close with his son is beautifully conveyed.

The movie stars Vijay Babu, Sreenath Bhasi and Srikant Murali in the lead roles. Indrans must be given special credits for his acting that has impressed many viewers. He just poured out the emotion and feelings of many fathers in the present generations who lost their bond with their young children just because of the Smartphones.

Sreenath Bhasi and Naslen K Gafoor have done their roles perfectly with no flaws. There is no overlapping or overacting in the deliverance of acting. The emotions are controlled neatly, which will not disturb the broken bonds in the family. Even a tiny piece of sudden silence in the film will communicate with the audience.

The movie travels from present to past, which will not disturb the current happenings. Home is where I belong, in what the film conveys. No matter where you go end of the day, the only person who cares for you is your family. This film concentrates on planting and terrace farming as well. 

It is a must-watch film which all age groups can watch. Since there is no adult content, it can be watched along with the family. Rojin Thomas directs the home film under the production banners Friday Film House. The film was released on Amazon Prime on August 19, 2021.